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         do                All puppies are raised in our home.  Socialization is our top priority.  A properly socialized puppy has a very good personality, and disposition.  Once the puppies are weaned from their mother one of my other female dogs is moved in with them to provide them with much needed parental supervision.  At 3B Dobermans we handle the puppies constantly, weigh them daily, and provide for them everything they can possibly need. When you come to visit our kennels you will have full access to all of our facilities so you can see, first hand, our program.  Please call to see when you can visit or just come by because we are ready at any time.

Puppies come with the 3B Doberman guarantee, current shots, AKC registration paperwork, and Purina Pro Plan welcome package.

Please feel free to call or email anytime to ask questions about your puppy or our Dobermans in general.  As puppies grow pictures are posted weekly.  Pictures can be sent by email at your request also.  We realize the adoption of one of these puppies is a life changing event and in most cases it is not practical to visit often.  Therefore, we will try to keep you as informed as possible.  Our veterinarian likes to start ear cropping at 9 weeks of age unless the puppies are large by then.    Stitches are removed 10 days after cropping.  We will keep the puppy until stitches are removed or you may choose to have your vet remove them if they will.  Puppies whose ears are not cropped will be available for pickup at 7 weeks old.  Ear cropping is available for an additional charge of $250.00  Shipping is also available during certain periods of the year when temperatures are within airline regulations.  The price of the puppies from the next litter is $750.00

Stay tuned for more updates.\

Please call or email: jeff@3bdobermans.com 940-592-7081





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